SR 3D Builder Ver

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SR 3D Builder Ver

Postby xSergio74 » Wed Jun 26, 2013 10:00 pm

Hi everybody,

after another loooong wait, here is my latest release available as always from

Most important news are:
- Extended functionality with pneumatic (still a bit buggy, but can't wait show my progress)
- Extended animation capabilities as shown in the videos

here is a complete list of changes (most bug fixes, but maybe some new bug also...)



- Importing a model with assemblies in a empty model can cause application crash
- Bad Differential animations expecially when double geared. It is important that the orbital gear is placed orthogonally to the transmission axle
- Sometimes a gear connection may interfer with a universal joint
- Importing a model causes first element of the imported group is assigned to Model (root) group
- Fixed some particular usage of PinBushes (at the cost of a some delay in solution computational of big models)
- Moving gear or bushes along a vertical axle to place them is now smoother
- Using mirror building with Alternative UI should now work
- Using AlternativeUI now predilige same alignment connections while positioning parts
- Selecting multiple parts was problematic while in AlternativeUI
- You can use the CTRL while pressing PgUp/PgDw to higher or lower selection by a 1/3 brick
- Restored the SetGridToBrick functionality
- Fixed some issues in flex part management
- Trying to change flex color when first placing it crashed the application
- Fixed an issue in quad animation in a 2x3 connection structure
- Trying to change rotation axle while in animation causes application crash
- Small Linear Actuator moving direction

- User interface setting could now be saved in the preference dialog box ONLY
- You can now select and move a flex part when using the "Select Connected" option. Clicking on a flex part for starting selection is not recommended anyway!!
- Patched parts: battery box, Medium Powerfunction Motor
- Models backup files can now be disabled
- Support for medium size pneumatic pistons
- More complicated mechanism computation are now supported like the Theo Jansen's mechanism

- Now the program pre-detects triangled undeformable structures to allow less errors in mechanism computation
- Drastically reduced part list loading time

And finally the videos (any comment is welcome :P )
- Theo Jansen Walker
- Partial 8110 pneumatic arm
Sergio Reano
(Author of the program)

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Re: SR 3D Builder Ver

Postby 3DKiwi » Mon Jul 01, 2013 7:25 am

Excellent work. Thank you :)

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