SR 3D Builder just released

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SR 3D Builder just released

Postby xSergio74 » Tue Jun 12, 2012 3:18 pm

A lot of new functionality added in model management this time. You will find them in Groups context menu and in File menu.
Read the following: You won't miss this !
Available as always from

Please feedback for malfunctioning and hints, especially from registered users...

Sergio - Changes to previous version (2012.06.12)

- Instruction Miner should now work faster and with a lot of less bugs
- Showing/Hiding the "Model" group with no parts in it causes a crash
- Importing model causes no longer Pause Instructions lost
- Many group management bugs fixed
- AutoOrient option sometimes does not correctly aling grid

- Importing a model causes a NEW group with the model file name being created
- Some less used Selection Option are now grouped in a dropdown button
- Hierarchic hide/showing model is now faster (and safer)
- The Instruction Miner window is now resizeable

- Save a group/subgroup to model file (registered version)
- Importing model with groups
- Analyze a single group/subgroup into Instruction Miner
- Clone a group/subgroup (registered version)
- Allow the Instruction Miner to show only parts above your curson allowing a better model analysis
(registered version)
- Group Reference Brick to allow quick positioning/connection of a group/subgroup
- You can now move Groups and SubGroup across the Group tree
- Group tracking while hovering groups tree
- Added <CTRL-G> accelerator to show Group tree
- Select parts by shape
- Save your current selection to a new model (registered version)
- Exporting to .DAT functionality including definition for Flex parts.
Notice: a very big file is generated, but you can open it from lDView to create the .pov file for POV-Ray
rendering. The flexs have BAD behavior in lDView but will render fine in PovRay

A manual update will follows in next weeks. Just the time to write it !
Sergio Reano
(Author of the program)

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