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57518 (Technic Chain Tread 38) - connections added

Posted: Wed Nov 27, 2013 2:58 pm
by MilanV
In GBC (Great Ball contraption) modules, a very common elevator type is made as a belt from parts #57518 with Technic Pins pushed to their Holes. Now, it is possible to do this in SR 3D Builder, too.
I also checked that a stud "finds" this hole as well - i.e. you can attach Brick 1x1 to Technic Chain Tread 38 hole.

Sergio, please, look at my fix and tell me if it's correct. I found there are THREE connections for each hole in 3709B.DAT, in three different depths - and I do not understand the reason. For 57518, I defined only one connection for each hole. May you specify how do you exactly use this data?