General information about patched parts

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General information about patched parts

Postby xSergio74 » Thu Sep 23, 2010 7:05 pm

Here you will find submitted patched parts from me or from other people.
It is highly recommended that submitters test their part before upload them here.

You can report not working patched parts, and ask for new ones
Notice that even a part has been patched correctly, it may still not work since the application does not know how to manage it (like steering with ball joint)

To add a patched part to the application, simply
- copy attached file to c:\(lDraw Folder)\Conn folder
- rename file to *.dat if needed
- use the "Tools-->Rebuild Part List" function to update the cached information about available parts
- Restart the application

That's all !!
Sergio Reano
(Author of the program)

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