Connected Selection Mode Unexpected Behavior v0.9.7.3

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Connected Selection Mode Unexpected Behavior v0.9.7.3

Postby bootknuckle » Fri Aug 01, 2014 5:31 pm

If I select only parts from the toolbox when building an autonomous assembly, connected selection mode behaves as expected. Only parts connected to the assembly are highlighted and manipulated.

However, if I select a mix of parts from the toolbox and copies from the model space, or if I only copy parts from the model space, connected selection mode selects ALL the parts in the model space instead of those connected to the assembly I have selected. This behavior is not expected.

Copying parts from the model space improves efficiency when building assemblies. Likewise building assemblies and then attaching them to the main structure is more efficient than adding one part at a time to a monolithic structure. A significant function of efficiency is removed under this new functionality of the connected selection mode :( .

SR3D Application version:

UPDATE: Fixed in version

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