No trans-clear color in toolbox

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No trans-clear color in toolbox

Postby afol1986 » Wed Dec 04, 2013 3:16 pm

Like the title say: I cannot see the color trans-clear in the toolbox color option. It's not there when the trans option button is selected. I can see all other trans color.
Color you can't see you also cannot selected and this color was in since ever... must be a bug...

I'm using the latest ( version of SR 3D builder on Win7 unregistered.


Found the color in the toolbox, but it is not visible at all and my size of the toolbox was mostly so that this color was at the outer edge and the difference to the background color so low that I missed it.
Maybe the trans color should also have a visible edge in the selector like the other colors- then This can't happen...

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