vertical mounted rack/gear system

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vertical mounted rack/gear system

Postby Piraneous » Thu Jan 09, 2014 9:59 am

Ive been mucking around with an idea for a set of "hangar doors" for a space ship model. after a day of experimenting with levers and gears, I think ive finally come up with an idea of how it will work. i want both the top and bottom doors to move together so ive added a vertical rack and gear system. apart from the obvious flaw of the rack not being fixed to anything, i also cant get them to work as they should with the gears. if i move the center gear, both the racks move, however they dont move the two outer gears, and in turn, dont move the doors. Can someone more accomplished at using this program have a look at my model (file attached) and help me to get it working properly? also any suggestions on how to properly attach the rack would be appreciated.

P.S. this is only HALF of the model, the doors will likely be a lot longer and have the same mounting system at the other end. also the design of the bay and wall are not what i intend the end product to be.


ship hangar concept.L3B
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